An undetected peeling back of days

Today is predictably surer than tomorrow but only the past is sure
And even that…
Well, history repeats itself…As we spend most our time searching the re-run’s for how we got here,
How we will repeat ourselves & the sin’s of our Father’s,
And by our Father’s I mean the sin’s of Adam, but mostly Eve.
Evening come’s and mourning and the first day, always when we wake, no matter how deep a darkness from…
The day is almost always mostly new… except for what we bring to it in our hearts, in our pains & expectations
Wash off what you can, the dirty maybe, but keep the old
It makes you who you are, it probably makes you who you where meant to be,
It mostly makes you who you chose to be woven in and out of God’s intricate lacing of days together making life


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