untitled, unhealing, unforgiveness

I may have a mild concussion or maybe I don’t, 
either way my head hurts.
I smacked it against a wall, hard. 
I think my head feels maybe one one hundredth of the steady throbbing 
of my heart with the same barely visible bruising on the outer layer, 
but an unhealing wound beneath
Earlier today while I was working
I had something to write about, 
now I’m a bit of a mess with no easy clean up, 
no way to know if this is pain or if it’s just unforgiveness 
of a person…
of a string of circumstance… 
or of self

That’s not anything that I want to say, it’s just a jumble beneath the skin of my forehead, 
it’s just one beat out of thousands from my heart.
It’s enough for tonight


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