December’s First

Hello December First, it took this long to say that he is gone
A full two years to finally say it may be over
After all you were young, after all this time I’m old
And you can never be a man for me, a man without a Father

This last week of November was a a bitter dose of memory I’m sure I didn’t need
At least I know myself again enough to read the truth, the lies you fed me, the months you starved
the years of emotion and places you never loved me, places you never went to

Wearing October on my sleeve with a heart still broken, bruised with tearing screams 
That pull me over even in my sleep I wish I could wake myself to dream again
Healing takes too long where you break me in untouched places

Goodbye September’s sweet glow you’ll never be what you could’ve been
A birth, a life, a binding tie that lasts till death do part… 
From me to you, love may not be better lost
I lost my love, lost my friend… I hope you lost what I’ll call innocence


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