of car wrecks and good things

Today, I’m taking more Ibuprofen than my liver should be able to deal with and not for the reason’s you might think (by this I only mean headache’s.) girl’s can take Ibuprofen for many reason’s and no one needs to raise their eyebrow’s and nod understandingly at me.  The reason is simply this, night before last I, along with my lovely family got in a car accident. It was a minor wreck by most standards, our vehicle was rear ended we went spinning, screaming, jerking around the highway & we are all very aware that if there had been a few slight differences, if the car that hit us had been only a little bigger we would have flipped instead of sliding. But we didn’t flip and we are all still  in one piece, for this we are truly thankful.

I personally would like to take this moment to mention seat belts, I had just sat down in my seat as we pulled onto the main highway. I sit on the end of the back seat along with Ben & Jessica, like 3 dominoes we are set up in age and height order leaving me on the end to protect them both…should our van be hit on the back left corner at 55miles per hour, lifted off the ground and spun around Ben will fall on Jessica, Jessica will smash into me (while making a valiant effort to hold Grace firmly down on the seat in front of her.) and I will fall off the seat hit the wall be yanked around and ram into the metal (very hard) on both the seats that I’m now wedged between. This is a fool proof plan to protect the favorite family members. And yes, maybe I would have been safer if my seatbelt had been buckled within 30 seconds of getting on the highway. But I’m prone to think the impact of Benjamin & Jess and the centrifugal force smashing my head into a window while my lower body was strapped to a seat, would have been more damaging than the inflammation, bruising and minor whiplash I am experiencing now. However I recommend that everyone always put your seatbelt on before trusting a moving vehicle… In fact I would further recommend, not trusting a moving vehicle at all.

A few other things of importance happened this weekend.
I am coming to terms with some minor & major life changes, and coming to terms with how much I should accept God’s hand in my life. If I truly trust Him I need to also trust that all the details, sequences of events, variations and plan changes, in my well laid plans that I’m daily “surrendering to Him” may very well be His well timed answer to prayer. This does not make me comfortable, but it makes me appreciate the fact that the creator of the universe, very well may sit back with a mild smile on his face and an occasional laugh as He watches me stumble around, trying to believe that He really is exactly as good as I say He is, and His will for me, really is exactly as perfect as I daily say it is.

Also, this weekend specifically, I spent a day with one of the friends I’ve been closest to the longest. She’s a good friend, and I am so thankful to have her’s as one of the amazing friendships that makes my life more complete, as we walk that road of friendship that makes good times good and hard times more bearable.
I’m starting to realize why God gave Jonathan to David, we need people in our lives, for laughter as much as accountability, for teaching us to relax and feel accepted as much as for helping keep our hands to the plow and occasionally holding our arms up.

And last but not least, yesterday morning during my Dad’s set after HLF’s national meeting he performed a new song, for the first time in a long time. I think a part of me had started to fear and feel a little ashamed that since he gave me his guitar years ago, I had somehow taken from him the very thing that he spent my life trying to give me, the gift of writing and self expression.  I felt like by walking on into my own, I was somehow  taking away from his, if that makes sense. However yesterday morning I found it wasn’t true.

All of this to say I hope your weekend wasn’t quite as full as mine. And though I don’t care about the football game the rest of you may have been worshiping, I will say I will always love Pennsylvania.


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