God In Our Grief

God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, no sorrow, nor crying. Revelation 21:4

Despite it’s universality, when sorrow comes to us, each of us is certain that no one has ever suffered such a keen sense of loss. And it is at that point that we can allow a poisonous self-pity to enter. Anger at God then often quickly follows. 
But when we shut our heart against our friends and family and allow bitterness to creep in, we are, in a tragic way, insulating ourselves against the healing and re-energizing love of God. 

I was saved from such isolation by a miracle of God’s grace and by the loving church congregation that surrounded me. I use the word “miracle” because my basic nature has been that of fleeing encounters with people whenever possible. Yet somehow I was strengthened to will myself to return to church the Sunday immediately following Peter’s death, to sit in the pastor’s pew as usual (though at times during the service I could not stop the tears), and thereafter to open wide the door of our manse-home to a procession of friends.

:: Catherine Marshall

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