None The Wiser

Oh Dusk, you’re shaking me, with your weak eyes dark
with the tears I’ve always swallowed stuck in my throat,
with my spirit emptied out with my body worn & hollow
In dusk I am briefly silenced & you are strangely shallow

I will only start to shake moments before the ones that matter
just before you turn to walk away & long before you made your mind up
you’re an empty bed of lies but not on your best day if I’m honest
I only shake under the table, I only cry alone on the alter

If you had my eyes you wouldn’t see love as your warzone
If I had your life I wouldn’t understand the tough parts
you become yourself when you first think of someone else
if you have my eyes again, we will both be old and wiser

And Dark, if you ever come, if dusk ever opens
Take me in your hands and remind me how I know you
I am only wise where I let myself surrender
Light completes when dusk & dawn both birth & grieve the circle


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