Orphans & Doritos

I have a craving for some kind of food, that resembles comfort food. I don’t always know what I want, when I feel like this, but usually my sister knows what to tell me I want when I feel this way. I turn to her in my time of hunger and she brings me tator-tot’s, milk shakes, cheese cake, cereal, or toast…whatever seems comforting at the time. Right now though if I asked her she would probably not be able to help me, because we are both out of our comfort zones, beyond the reach of even the most comforting foods, that would heal my mood most nights. 

Besides the extra 10 pounds I’ve been maintaining because I use food as a sedative, life has had some other highlights.  Today for instance, I took someone’s shift at an after school program, out of my comfort zone would be a severe understatement… especially as I pulled a screaming 7 year old off the ground, 3 times within the first hour. While the wise, older (at 9), “more experienced” leader of the pack, schooled the younger kids in how Scary Movie 1, 2 and 3 weren’t really that scary. By the end of the day I found myself, wishing so badly that there was something I could have given these children besides those 3 hours of my life… and wondering if anyone else was going to be the love they desperately needed in their life, hopefully the church after school program will take the time to show them Jesus, before they find it in other places. 
I can never be everything in all the places I wish I could, sometimes I worry that too many people, too many parents, even too many ministry leaders, may get too busy building their life to see the needs under their feet, just behind them looking for footsteps to follow and getting confused long before their strong enough to walk on their own. No judgment, at all, more like thinking out loud, on the verge of a prayer… Hoping I’m learning. There but for the grace of God (go I).

Also today, I took care of a ten month old baby boy, a foster child that is temporarily in the care of the pastor I was having dinner with. It was an emergency situation and, he’s only staying with the family for 48 hours. He’s going to a new home tomorrow. After this my advice to you is, never spend an hour or more with a child that you will never see again, who may end up in a terrible living situation… No, seriously, I wouldn’t trade that hour for anything. I prayed and prayed for that little boy, and I don’t pray all the time by the way… I just hoped so much that he would have a good life, though it seems a little doubtful considering the parents he just got taken away from… It was so sad, but so good. There is so much need in the world, we aren’t all called to meet all of them… The poor will be with you always, etc. But also sometimes God can use the needs of others, even the needs of babies…. to teach us, He always can, if we let Him. 


One thought on “Orphans & Doritos

  1. I got goosebumps reading this. Conflicts and struggles always remind me that God is sovereign over everything and no matter how horrible and vile the situation is now, the end result will always be for the best of us.

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