Primanti Brothers a Pittsburgh tradition since 1933

So after all these years going to Pittsburgh, we finally got to taste these giant sandwiches…. It was worth the wait and well worth tagging along and disrupting the boys “guy time”.
We will definitely be more experimental with our sandwiches from this point on. We should have been adding fries to our sandwiches years ago.

In other news we’re now headed home from PA. And I’m really going to miss it. Pennsylvania does something good to my soul. I don’t know if it’s the mountain’s, the Burgan, Baker, Mcpherson combo, the chocolate milk & ice cream from Kerbers dairy,a combination of altitude and nostalgia or all of that combined. But I will always love Pennsylvania and miss its people until I can make it back again.
Maybe there’s something healing and fulfilling about going back to where ministry started taking us 20 years ago and seeing change but also loving the feelings of samecness and nicely aged relationships. The people that watched God move with you, who watched me grow up, and the ones I’ve watched grow up. It’s so much goodness and I feel so honored, refreshed and relieved to know that though I’m heading down the road now and I may not know or like whats before me. If I am living in His plan for me, I will be walking a walk that will leave year after year’s worth of strong lifelong repationships, countless priceless memories and whether I’m in a storm on the side or the road or in Aunt Page’s kitchen surrounded by the people and foods that I love… I will have a peace, but more importantly a faith that passes all understanding. Knowing that when you lay down your life for Him, He will take care of you, whether you’re in your favorite place or in the trenches.

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