line upon line

I feel like I’ve intentionally been avoiding writing… Any of it.
Unprepared to accept, confess, create, process, heal, believe…
It seems like the floor was pulled out from under me from at least four directions. And most of the times…there’s an angle, but sometimes there’s not. Sometimes we sincerely want things to be okay and then suddenly (at least inside) they are.
We’ve been nursing this broken heart for so long we don’t know if we can trust a mending.
Betrayal exists and comes and goes as surely as the seasons. You’ll trust and break and heal and trust again.
I’m not saying this because I’m healed, I’m just saying I know this is true.
The very pains I’m most afraid of touch me and change me, it seems sometimes just to make me stronger.
We beg a reason, a need for fate or God or destiny to require so much of us.
We scream over how senseless it is to have happiness or love only to have it taken away. Then in our quietness, while peeled apart & crying, kneeling, standing, walking again…It all starts to come clear, in pieces, the completeness of it all, the need to be broken down, to know your weakness, to learn your strengths.
Day by day, Word by word, line by line, step by step, precept upon precept.
Character builds, time heals, knees and hearts strengthen, God mends and completes us… A work that continues and comes full circle in our brokenness we’re made whole.
There is a strength thats made perfect in our weakness

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