three concrete floor masterpieces (and some southern sweet tea)

Yesterday, I sat on the cool concrete floor in the lowest level of my house and listened to someone playing cello to my songs and as I did I was probably transported to another realm or something. I don’t know how to describe what a stringed instrument can do to me. Its almost like a glimpse of heaven thru an instrument.
As I sat there realizing that despite all my worries and troubles, I’m waiting for those moments all the time, the little glimpses of joy, the pieces of a happiness that reverberate and filter thru your system. I don’t spend my life searching for those moments but when they come they’re always well worth the wait.

As I sat there the cello running thru my system, harmonies filling my ears, my head, the spot inside my stomach where something beyond happiness can settle, with cool cement under my legs, while finishing a glass of sweet tea, I felt so much. I thought back to a little earlier when the girl playing cello, said something along the lines of, playing cello, in shorts and a t-shirt and drinking sweet tea, this is the life… And I smiled at how much her appreciation for the blending of simple things resonated with me. All of this combined took me back to the other times I had those glimpses of heaven, joy, breathstopping happiness, contentment… I realized this wasn’t the first or only time I went to that place with this very same floor beneath me, a few inches from where I was…
Once long ago I sat here with my best friend, mostly in silence, even though it was.fleeting, the perfect contentment I felt was probably one of the most tangible moments of feeling Gods presence in the midst that I’ve had.
Once I listened while a violin played out loud in the open on a recording melodies, parts and harmonies that had been in my head for years…8 years and more, some of them, waiting to be all set together piece of music, that eventually will become a bridge, a tool, a voice to do and say what I don’t know how to otherwise.

I am constantly and properly impressed with the perfect understanding, empathy and artistry of a creator who uses our every experience to build a story that will speak thru us to others and will move and shake and shape us and our lives into not only exactly who He created us to be. But as He works, He let’s us live beautiful, creative lives while it happens, little do we know all the while He’s enjoying the orchestra he’s directing, the canvas he’s filling with color, the masterpiece He is working with us at the center, sitting on the concrete, hearing the sounds we were created to enjoy, appreciate and create. Seeing the beauty of the people He’s created and knit into our lives. And occasionally, if we’re lucky, drinking sweet tea on the side.

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