Starving Artists :: Cornerstone part 3

Well now that I’ve written myself into a corner, I have to tell you about the hamburgers I led up to in my “love life” blog.

This year at Cornerstone I found myself hungry…. I don’t mean like “oh, those vendors have curly fries and funnel cakes and I NEED them” hungry, I mean “since we didn’t have Jesus Village we not only didn’t feed everyone else we weren’t setup to eat for ourselves either so the first 2 days at Cornerstone I didn’t eat. I ate something in Indiana Wednesday morning then drove to Cornerstone, got out setup played my show with my beautiful friends and violins and cello’s and accordians and then went on thru all night Wednesday & all day Thursday without eating” hungry. I know 40 some hours is nothing to go without eating, I wasn’t starving but man, I felt like I was….I was ready for some food. Thursday night came around and as I sat down with my siblings and friends with hamburgers on our plates and oranges… We just kept looking at each other and saying thank you God for this food. I don’t think I was the only one who had tears in my eyes as I started talking to my brother saying, do you realize that how we felt not eating or knowing where our meals would come from the last 2 days is what the people we feed always feel? I can not explain how poignant that moment was sitting there with our hamburgers almost crying because we realized how much what we do matters to people.

I am aware of the needs across America, in the city streets, in impoverished areas, in Appalachia, in third world countries, in our own overlooked backyards, but I didn’t think that feeding people dinner at Cornerstone the last 10years as Jesus Village meant that much. Until suddenly I was one of the people who had spent all we had to get there and then went around the festival without a meal. Food isn’t the point. The poor will be with you always….there will always be need and hunger, and whether I’m always out there trying to meet those needs or not I hope I always remember the point is always being where God wants you when He wants you there, so he can use you, as love, as a bridge, as truth and compassion.

I realized all of these things in succession as I ate, looking around at my family, my friends and at the unending faithfulness of God.
God let me have that moment to feel how grateful others are for even just a meal we give them. As I realized how God had used us even in that way at Cornerstone not just in the trenches I cried, tears of joy and fulfillment and thankfulness. I cried because I couldn’t give anything away this year. But in the same moment I knew God had His reasons and timing and perfect ways. He’s always doing the good. We just sometimes get to be in the middle of it. And if we’re seeking Him in our walk… Well, you know how it goes…

All things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called… That would be me.

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