The Sixth Of July

In quietness I ride on the forefront of a great transformation
With my need for healing and my long burning embers
I beg in a silence of sorts for a savior,
When we want too much we can miss what we need
Casting it off as if a binding hindrance
But a few years on in living brings us to peaces doorstep
And we see what we lost, what we needed was on it
I feel I was the hinges to your door and without movement you grow quiet
Baptisms clean what confession only teaches and redemption will seal what you let mercy start.
Last night I saw myself clearly on the side of the road and in our old haunts
I’ve wrestled with fear, regret and wisdom
And at the end of it all love won’t be denied
I can’t have answers if I don’t question
Broke down and wounded I let Jesus find me
My one prayer for you is always mercy
Though your method for me was a silent vengeance


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