Black Hills and Good Times :: This week in pictures

South Dakota, Indian Country, Wounded Knee, Black Hills, Climbing Sacred Rocks, Babies, The Hutterite Colony… and we ended this week driving back into Minnesota and found this gas station in Thief River Falls they call church (after one concert there, Epiphony Station may be one of our new favorite places) perfect example of creating a unique and accessible church…

Speaking of unique, I should sleep while I can. Our current abode is a Walmart parking lot near the church we play in the morning…that’s right… Home sweet, sleeping in the van. The rock and roll dream, a sacred, sacrificial life in the mission field, the ever glamorous road life…

As I’m writing this, I prop my feet across the aisle on mine and Michals rubbermaid tub to try to fall asleep, my body aches, I’m exhausted, I’ve alternated sleeping on many variations of floor the last few weeks and I would love a long, hot shower. But all that’s been mattering to me lately, what I keep thinking is I have such a rich life. In little and in much, in the trying times and whatever is between the trying times… The providence, the faithfulness, the goodness of God is never failing. Especially now.

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