Wounded Knee

As I’m coming to the end of Summer, to summarize some of my thoughts on the last part of this trip, one subject was on my heart a lot, and my mind. Sometimes a song, a phrase, a lapse into the poetic cover more than an essay would. I can’t give you compassion, knowledge or understanding of things that may have to be experienced for yourself. But I can try…
A refresher, 
A history lesson for you, 
A true story

Wounded Knee
I took a drive, out on Two, out to Wounded Knee last night,
I didn’t cry but I was hurt and I was broke in circles,
I wasn’t lost I tried to find, where we lost our way and life…
I took a rock from the foot of an old grave there,
to fill a hole I just found in our race where the blood leaks out,
a loss of blood a loss of truth, a loss of who we are, who are we?
I found a path thru the dark, down to open spaces,
It was cold and it was dry and it was full of mud and lies,
just behind a line where many names where signed, where many children died…
Hey Jah… (the Lakota name for God)
This is just a song I wrote during some of my time on Native American reservations and following the trail of tears, studying the history, the injustice & generational oppression over the years. I can’t put into words the emotions, the bloodshed, the heartbreak, the hopelessness & the horrible poverty that make up the full color version of the stories, but someone has to start somewhere

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