It’s all quite angular

One could only assume, that everyone has an angle

If you live long enough, every paradox will convince you

Geometry is not the only proof, all things are congruous, consistent

Loves trappings are innumerable, we don’t have to concede

If there ever is a life where I am completely happy, or content

It will be in the acceptance that all imperfections work for the good

Some nights I find that world, in dark blue skies as stars rise

I have always found it in the ocean, in trees, in seasons, in trust

I am not ashamed of how many times trust has been broken

It brings more character, makes me look innocent, frees the betrayer

Soon, I’ll learn to speak plainly, truth will be the only angle

The unsaid will no longer bring disconnect but completion

Things are according to plan, if we let hindsight work in us


One thought on “It’s all quite angular

  1. LOVING the new look.
    It’s great to find it in trust. But surely better to find it in the ocean & the majesty of the sky, in my humble opinion; since trust seems to only be temporal unless we are finding it in Trusting the love God has for us. (And then sometimes we are temporarily destracted and forget it’s there.)

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