The Birth Day or The Morning After

The morning after your birthday, no matter how significant it is or isn’t in the age ladder. No matter how much of an emotional milestone it may be to you. You have to get up and start over… No matter if your last night was up or down, whether you have a fear of getting older or more likely were wrestling the thoughts of what you have and have not done by this date on the calendar. Apparently in the grand scheme of things dates and age are neither here nor there.  It doesn’t matter if you are 15 when you make an impact on the world or 25 or 35 or 45, what matters is the impact. What matters is getting up the morning after that day has passed and doing something with it. Never mind that you just suffered through that great landmark that will bring, unbidden, memories that you want, or that you want to get away from. It’s all there. The good and the painful. You will face, evaluate, reminisce, value, examine, wrestle, regret, cherish, maybe even long to destroy… But times stamp, and receipt of where you’ve been thus far, remains.

Whether celebrating the day of your birth, the death of someone, or some thing’s death, or whether you’re just over analyzing and contemplative, trying to sort out where you are and why. It’s all just time, it’s only days and history that have passed you, not all your chances. Each day is a chance… If we’ll take it. Each morning is a choice, every time your feet hit the ground, you have to choose where they’ll walk & how your pages in history are written. When you stop counting by years, regrets, missed opportunities and what was or might have been. You’ll start to find the comfort the morning after can bring. And the hope, not only in the future, but in your present. Suddenly, what you have behind you in experience, is a wealth of wisdom to build off of. And this morning is more than livable, it’s what you’ll continue making the most of, whether you’ve had plans of changing the world since your 5th birthday or if it just started today when you realized this morning is your chance.


2 thoughts on “The Birth Day or The Morning After

  1. I love the way you think Ms. Daniele. I usually think more during the end of a year than at my birthday, but maybe because they are only 7 days apart my brain is mixed up by the time of year. 🙂 Ultimately, it is the legacy we leave with each day and my mistakes keep me driving forward toward restitution.

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