Benjamins Birthday Week #two

Once more I’m using bullet points to try to organize my exhausted ever flowing thoughts. Forgive me, the last point promises that I may write more someday.

Ben & Kelly
  • Ben’s Birthday Week is still on
  • Kelly (Ben’s Girl) is in the living room behind me, she and I and my Sister surprised Ben about this. She came from far away. First visit since July!
  • I realized as I noticed my brother launching a pity party this week unaware of the great surprise awaiting him, that I have been the same way
  • I realized the parallels between waiting on what God may have planned and trusting Him and the little drama I watched play out this week
  • I also wish that I hadn’t fallen in love with someone that got tired of waiting for whatever surprise God had planned, and turned his pity party into a lifestyle choice
  • I wish we all knew more about waiting on God, whose plans are far better than these Birthday plans and who always knows better than us
  • I may have a longer story to tell about this, but I have a very Happy Birthday Week to attend to now
  • Maybe you could read this

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