I don’t like change, movement or goodbyes. (Trains, Planes and Southern Girls)


I feel like I just sent my sister on a train to Alabama.
It’s my brothers girl, since she come to visit for his birthday. I hate to send her through that state on her way home. It’s a real heart breaker. She’s a real gem. You never know what to expect, except goodness. I have no jealousy in me as I watch the train roll away, no wish to undo the happiness that they have and I unwillingly wish I had. As the metal races by my heart questions why she is a stronger man than the boy I loved. And as I question how selfishness and sacrifice mold each of us differently. I hope I’m molding and healing. Girls may just be more willing to let the bigger picture move them instead of sitting there like a man, measuring the size of his head and waiting for God and a woman to move heaven and earth for them. It’s a beautifully fascinating thing to see two such young things trying to do things so right when you’ve seen and done so much wrong.  There’s still good things and true love waits and goes the distance and travels on trains and planes and hopes all things and believes all things. So just for tonight I’ll cry a little for the bad, but mostly for the good. Because I’m so glad to know its still there.

“And tonight while the train rolled away, and my tears surfaced I wished I still felt like standing by the tracks would mean you’re coming back”


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