Goodbye 2011

I pulled out some of your last gifts to me
On the last day of this year, while my heart stopped beating
If I ever stood aside and let the balconies tongue fly
There’s no end to what every wall would tell you
As a last resort, or as a year end report
I find honest confession lines up my inventory

I never saw the skyline until we met it on the beach
With our fingertips and toes knee deep in sand
With your eyes like every heaven I had dreamed
And your golden streets of smile ten thousand best gifts
New Years eve clocks in, the ball drops, I keep watch
For the next best day, the next best highlight, the final dream

Moving on, Audrey’s calender & your aspirations ripped off my wall
Like you ripped off my heart to sell a few songs
I’ll never, I’ve never, we should have
Like a broken record, like last times thoughts
When the bough breaks, all hell breaks in orthodoxic riot
Sing the same songs, write the worlds wrongs
I’ll start again, I’ll start a year strong
In the last light of all the rights you took wrong


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