Diary Of A Broken Collar – Week 1

I don’t know why some things happen. Like breaking the right.side of my body, aka a questionable area on my right collar bone, on a ski trip of all things. We never go skiing, when I was younger skiing was 1 of the most romanticized and fascinating things that I never got to do. We didn’t have the money for things like that not to mention most Winters were filled with my brothers surgeries off the road in Florida, where snow is only seen on TV or on my well worn copy of White Christmas. So the few times I’ve skied or snowboarded have been well appreciated. All of this to say after waiting three years to go skiing again my 7 siblings have every right to be angry that I made them miss the last 2 hours on the slopes on Monday. But I couldn’t help it.

I really didn’t mean to break my collarbone. I’m not in the habit of breaking bones, aside from breaking my left side on exiting my mothers womb, I’ve managed to stay pretty safe in the bone breakage area considering my varied exploits.
Thankfully I’m not more seriously injured but this hurts bad enough and according to most reports my right arm won’t be in use for about 8 weeks. As wonderful and attention grabbing a respite as that seems its actually not been great so far. Especially since I just got through carefully planning out 6 of these next 8 weeks…then I crashed.

You never realize how much you like to be in control until you aren’t in control anymore, and you can’t even handle your own daily routine much less anyone else’s. It puts a lot of things in perspective when you can’t get the cap off the toothpaste or put on your shirt… It definitely gives you a lot to think about. While I’m thinking about it I’m gonna write. Well, I’m actually gonna talk into my phone and hope it comes out as printed word.
As soon as I get more accustomed to all of this I might fill you in on the crash, the fabulous Valentines Day that followed (most of which I was mercifully unconscious for)and the dangers of a right handed person feeding herself with her left hand. I don’t recommend it.


One thought on “Diary Of A Broken Collar – Week 1

  1. I’m impressed that you have two collar bones 🙂 Sorry you are so crippled. That is why you have younger siblings though… to wait on you 🙂

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