Of Marriage, Children and Shrimp



Happy 22nd Birthday (week) to my incredibly genius and extremely Red headed little Brother Josh. He’s marvelous.
I have the very best in brothers.

And he was conveniently born on my parents wedding anniversary… Which is an interesting twist… Speak of, today was their 30th Anniversary, and they got to celebrate by spending it in the hot sun, setting up for this festival #Shrimpsaltwatersunmusicfest 
My parents are some of the best troopers I know. I couldn’t have asked for better ones at all.

Tomorrow we will play music on a float in a Shrimp Parade, a somewhat humiliating but very effective presentation…. And then the weekend will contain a lot of work to put on this free festival, the first of its kind in Ft Myers Beach. And people may never know what it takes… How very much it takes to do so many things, that may not always seem worthwhile, kind of like a marriage…  Years of work and sickness and health, good times and bad, children and faith in the unknown…. And it may not seem like much sometimes but ultimately it’s worth it.

Sometimes what we mean doesn’t come out in the right words when we want them. The best I can do is a line from one of my songs.

Many times we live and we die for love, its required and what we really want… I’ll find grace in giving it to you here. I’ll feel pain but that’s where love runs deepest… Welcome home you’ll find my name is constance

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