Thoughts on leaving March


In tribute and farewell to March
A few thoughts

1: I’m probably always going to be nostalgic about Florida. No matter how it burns me, on the skin or elsewhere. I am sorry to leave. I love the water. I love the sun and I adore the plants & trees… All the things that you’ll never understand unless you were born here.

2: Not being able to write with a pen right now like regular folk is inhibiting

3: I have the best siblings. I wish I was better. I worry about them a lot. I have more time for that lately

4: I think we should all mind this “Be ashamed to die until you have won some great victory for humanity” I found it on a grave the other day as a reminder of  many things like purpose

5: Jesus knew just how it was going to be and He marched in anyway. (Timely thought during the coming holy week. I also found it reminiscent of some recent trials… Thinking, even if I’ve gone thru this struggle before. I know it may be a struggle, I still have to go forward.)

6: My baby sister is obsessed with April Fools Day and asks is she can do Pranks on other days like December Fools, etc…

7: The moon just hurt me,
shook my shoulders,
turned my hair on end.
Electric in mahagony,
full, pale or slivered.
I’m transparent before perfection

8: Trying to make myself not work, because I have no choice right now, just proves how much I find my identity in what I do. It makes me check myself and motives. One good thing that has come from this so far… It also forces me up against a wall of surrender and tests my willingness to be broken. (No collarbone pun intended)

9: Music is in my bones, and it is sometimes a tangible ache not to be able to express it.
Also, singing with your family is a rare gift, that leaves a void when even one harmony is absent.

10: You can’t fight others battles for them. You can’t teach someone unless they want to learn. Sometimes the only thing you can do to help is to pray

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