On this Resurrection Day :: Cousins, Legos, Salvation and Songs


0 ::  Faith speaking sweetly – “Happy Easter Grace! It’s morning!
Grace the bossy baby growls – “GET OFF ME!”

While laughing at my sisters exchange while waking up this morning, I was thinking this…

Most of us really have little to complain about, we aren’t wearing a crown of thorns and we are free from our shame if we chose to be…The less self absorbed I become, the better person I become not to mention I can learn what love is through sacrifice in the day to day.

1:: He is Risen Indeed

2 :: I’d like to quote my cousin who quoted else-wise… 

“Gandalf! I thought you were dead! But then I thought I was dead myself. Is everything sad going to come untrue? What’s happened to the world?”


“To this day He is risen. And through His Death and Resurrection… Everything sad is coming untrue, even death is coming untrue!”

When I read that this morning on Facebook I smiled inside

3 :: This week/weekend I had these songs in my head, I don’t know why, they just they sum up a lot of my feelings

Maundy Thursday – Don’t Wash My Feet
Good Friday – Ol’ Glory – Psalters
Holy Saturday – Over Oceans – Josh Garrels
Resurrection Sunday – In Christ Alone – Traditional (…my sisters sing this best)

4 :: Today I read John 17 after I read Luke 24. I just wanted to put the death and Resurection in context with the heart of God… Which was kind of shown in this conversation that Jesus had with his Father, busy praying for us, as he faced an undeserved death.

5 :: Today I spent time with my family and I hurt for the petty things that can divide so easily and keep us from living fully in the new life that has been made for us. Nothing personal or specific but seriously, people need perspective… We only have so much time

6:: Lastly, I leave you with this happy thought… Tonight I found out about LegoLand and it has become a dream of mine… Lego Rides, Lego City, Lego Kingdom?!?! Salvation has come to amusement parks.

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