Accomplished Facts (Sandburg, a month of poetry and love from Tennessee)

April is National Poetry month, I would like to celebrate in part with someone else’s poems. Someone whose words I greatly admire. Mr. Sandburg.
We will see what else I pull out of my hat this week…. If you don’t care for poetry skip the middle of this post (in italics) and come back tomorrow…

This is not a favorite, just one I stumbled across and it struck me, as he often does with how he made plain, drudging, prose-ish Accomplished Facts a rhythm that could be admired.

Accomplished Facts

Every year Emily Dickinson sent one friend the first arbutus bud in her garden.

In a last will and testament Andrew Jackson remembered a friend with the gift of George Washington’s pocket spy-glass.

Napoleon too, in a last testament, mentioned a silver watch taken from the bedroom of Frederick the Great, and passed along this trophy to a particular friend.

O. Henry took a blood carnation from his coat lapel and handed it to a country girl starting work in a bean bazaar, and scribbled: “Peach blossoms may or may not stay pink in city dust.” So it goes. Some things we buy, some not. Tom Jefferson was proud of his radishes, and Abe Lincoln blacked his own boots, and Bismarck called Berlin a wilderness of brick and newspapers.

So it goes. There are accomplished facts. Ride, ride, ride on in the great new blimps—Cross unheard-of oceans, circle the planet. When you come back we may sit by five hollyhocks. We might listen to boys fighting for marbles. The grasshopper will look good to us.

So it goes …

Carl Sandburg

Do you have any favorite poems, or someone you’re influenced by? I can’t stick with one author and say they’re my favorite. There are so many pieces everywhere…

I stopped at home for my first hour there since February,  I would post some pictures but not tonight, since tomorrow is due to be busy…
I made it to Tennessee and I have to admit I’m basking in the change in the air and atmosphere.

Goodnight from the 4G laden Mountains of Tennessee yall

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