This “it gets darkest before the dawn” piece

I recently wrote this. You can read it while I cover highway towards Nashville. I’m going to be a part of a unique and authentic movement that you might say has replaced something you may know as GMA week. I’m happily anticipating whatever this event brings.

Also, there’s the fact that Nashville, in itself brings its own material, I’m not validating a cliche, maybe I just have a past who went with the other masses to make his future in music city. I assure you Nashville will bring a lot to write about, whether its something you should read or not.

This “it gets darkest before the dawn” piece

Long into the night I dream, restless with the future and past mistakes I can’t leave the tossing and turning to insomniacs of the first order… I must take up my vigil, in midnight oil and far too early hours I navigate the advantages with hope, weighing them with my meager reasoning well aware that in my semi-sleeping state my emotions are in excess and maybe  strangely there’s glimpses of being more rational.

There may be something to this “it gets darkest before the dawn” piece.
It gets darkest no matter what, and I can’t let myself sleep thru it. I have to wade through everything to wrestle and for cardio… And though we say we want some relief, we really just want to feel okay about terribly unsettling things before we let them go. Honestly though, the hardest thing to accept is that all your mourning, your eating disorders and your regret, was for naught.
The hardest thing is the moment you know all these things that trouble you, weren’t worth the tears or the trouble you’ve paid for too long.
In the end though, where the sun is rising, you may see there’s more to be lived for than regretted

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