September, Love and Other Mysteries

Please excuse my long absence. While I chased around the country this Summer my blog shriveled up to a mere shadow of it’s former posts. The Summer was however a good one. I know it’s not quite over but the word Septemberstarts to bring it back down to earth, and to reasonable weather and the birth month of Fall and a long list of people I love. I would like to give a nod to…

  • My baby sisters 10th birthday (the youngest of 8, who constantly reminds us with a shake of her wise head and a sigh that we “don’t know what it’s like being the youngest!”  As if being the highly adored, mildly spoiled, greatly applauded youngest sibling in a family band and youngest Grandchild truly is a hard knock life)  Graces Birthday September
  • Homemade Ice Cream, at Home, after months of travel
  • The coming of Fall (as indicated by this first socks and sweater night)
  • Going back in the studio this week with my album
  • The month of September

There was a time when the very word September brought me to the edge of that moment you have when you hear mention of the best things in life, one of your favorite things… like being in the ocean at sunset, or maybe decorating for Christmas, the way everything green looks after it rains, eating ravioli at your Grandma’s, the moment you fall in love, the smell of a good book, a bonfire or good coffee, wearing your favorite sweater on the first real Fall day, your first kiss, chocolate milk, the Northern lights, mountains, running on the beach… You know those things, that moment, the catch of breath inside your head, the rush of happiness… This is how I was about September for as long as I remember. (I am not ashamed of the shameless rhyming I  just administered)

I was thinking today about the things that have marred it, the reasons I may not have that same breathless moment of joy when I think about the month that I was born in, the month that brings Autumn in all it’s perfect season-age, the month that gave me my youngest sister, my Grandmother, best friends, crisp mornings, love, heartbreak, songs, the potential Pumpkin Spice Latte, gold and crimson leaves and an uncontrollable love even for the word September

With mixed emotion I sped a steady 10mph over the speed limit while I wrestled with the things that tainted what had been the anticipation and glory of many years. What time, reality, disillusionment and change had done to something I used to cherish… All morning I wrestled with this, but as I turned down my driveway at last it came clear, “Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.” Experience shows this can be very true. Accepting that life is often a bitter cup mixed with the sweetness is essential. We have to take the good with the bad and chose to embrace them both in order to be really living, all the while believing that “all things do work together for the good…” not in an unsure, we must hope in something unseen way, but in a true belief that experience has proved it, even the darkest things can add to our character, to our better self, the deep pain can add to our capacity to feel, to understand joy. And what time and pain has tried to tangle, can still be a shining moment, a favorite season, a taste of what is to come. So I guess September can nestle safely among my favorite things after all.

(Special thanks to Bob Dylan and Romans for their contributions)

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