One about two and three (Prayer, Health & HG)

Two or three things I would like to say on this 23rd day of October.

The first of my two sets of three is about important things, one nice thing & about Health:

  1. Please keep my Aunt (Treva) in your prayers, she’s still in the hospital in critical condition. Also her family, my cousins in your prayers especially, as they wait.
  2. Please Say a prayer for my Mom (Linda) she is having some health troubles, she has had many tests, and though she is okay right now. They have not got to the bottom of her symptoms. A growth in her eye specifically is a problem that they haven’t found any answers too yet. More tests next week, so some hopes and prayers for some answers would be good.
  3. I am playing a show at Vance Monument in Asheville, NC this Friday & Saturday at our very own 13th annual Harvest Gathering the very Free Music Festival of the Asheville Mountains in the Fall. Also Playing will be: Friends, Family & Fall Color. I’m adding some new players & surprises to my set full of songs from my new (soon to be released) album. Please come if you can, if not join us this weekend in spirit & in social media. (That’s October 26 & 27) Facebook HarvestGathering, Twitter @harvestgatherin #HarvestGathering12
Harvest Gathering, Glen Clark & the Family
Harvest Gathering : Through The Years

On to my 2nd set of 3 (I think I’m pretty witty with these 2 3’s on the 23rd) My second set of 3’s is also specifically about Health.

Anyone who travels at all knows it can be close to impossible to stay healthy while traveling… For those of you who do maintain a healthy diet, I congratulate you… But for the rest of you who perhaps, like me find out that road life includes a ridiculous diet, made up of what ever is put in front of you, combined with whatever takes the least amount of time to buy…  Now, I have no obsession with a slim figure, but I do for the sake of survival, want to be healthy enough that my immune system can weather my erratic schedule & often unhealthy diet. So… When I get off the road for a few days, here’s a few things I try to change about my diet. Just general healthy things to live by

  1. 1: As often as possible, my main liquids are Water (Water… People say, it’s healthy to drink half your body weight in ounces or some such… I think if you just try to get as close to drinking a gallon of water a day as you can, you’re doing good. Sometimes I use a pint Mason jar and just refill every time I take a break from work, or walk to the kitchen to look for cheesecake or cinnamon rolls… Sometimes it’s better to have a quart Mason jar or Nalgene bottle and just refill a few times. Lemon is a good addition if you have it.) & Green Tea. By Green Tea I don’t just mean a can of Arizona Green Tea might be better for you than Mountain Dew… I mean, when I have the option I try to drink at least one or two hot cups of Green Tea a day instead of Coffee. I don’t sweeten it, do with this what you will…
  2. Cut out or at least down, White sugar, White flour & Dairy. This is a general rule of health. There are many reasons this is healthy… Which I’m not going to teach you because you can use Google now instead of the books I learned it from. Yogurt is the exception of the dairy rule, it has good bacteria that builds your immune system if you let it 🙂
  3. I make Smoothies every day, I don’t have a lot of fancy specific recipes, because I’m usually using what I have.  Here is a general idea of what I try to put in.
  • Frozen Bananas:: (Always peel them before you freeze them)                                                                            Juice/Tea:: (Orange or White Grape & Peach are 2 I use often, Apple, Carrot, Most juices work really.  If I have Green Tea or Yerba Mate and want caffeine not just nutrition I add one of them.)                               Kale/Spinach:: Kale is better for you, but if you aren’t used to Green drinks you might want to just try Spinach, it doesn’t change taste, texture or color, it is not gross, I promise. Yogurt:: Depending on if I’m trying to detox or not I add Yogurt, plain or vanilla. (It tastes better with yogurt)  If you can find it for a reasonable price and you want to be a little healthier I suggest Spirulina. If you’re sick or trying to build your immune system up to stay well, try to find Powdered Vitamin C, they sell it at health food stores or order it in bulk.

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