My Long Winters Nap

540318_10151253540544130_1285409696_nI know how negligent I’ve seemed, with these weeks of silence here. But most of you are old enough to know… Some of us hibernate in the Winter. It’s how the introvert, the observant, over sensitive, ever moving people person next door survives the other three seasons of over exposure. Do not misunderstand I thrive off of the other 10 months of interaction, of travel, turmoil & conversation. I will surround myself with people and projects, including you. Leaving the outside world to guess whether my goal is to live life to the fullest or to keep from taking my personal life personally. That however is far too heavy a conversation for this light hearted emergence from my Winters sleep.
All I mean is, I miss you when you’re not around. I possibly talk to myself in your absence, so whether you listen or not I’d much rather talk to you, you’re better company.


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