Happy Birthday Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple

A very happy birthday to this pretty little lady who is 85 years old today!

It just came to my attention that I just missed Shirley Temple’s Birthday… I have to admit she kind of made my childhood complete, watching black and white Shirley Temple Film’s was my favorite privilege starting at about 3 years old.  I thank my Aunt Teenie (My God Mother) & Mammama for developing my appreciation for those old but fabulous classics from Pre-school.

Later on my other Grandmother would teach me about the other film greats Katherine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn… The list goes on. But Shirley Temple  would remain a favorite & I’m so thankful that my little sister’s now a days choose an old Shirley Temple video over the MTV-ified options that are the modern day offerings for children’s entertainment. I’d rather see Grace stomp her foot and quote Shirley and ask me to put her hair in pin curls than to grow up too fast.  I appreciate anything that will help my baby sisters stay young in a grown-up world. Thanks for keeping us smiling & young at heart Shirley.


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