Superhero Birthday

Born or Made?

Glen Clark & the Family

Some of my earliest memories are of my Mom helping me make little books, they were mostly pictures but she would write everything down that I said, I still have one of these books I “wrote” just after my brother was born, I must have been 4. I became an avid reader at a young age. When my parents took me out of school & began to homeschool, my Dad was insistent on two things; I had to write 2 letters a day and I had to write in my journal. I wasn’t very disciplined with that journaling, looking back it may have been that I started when I was 7 or 8. My Mother would carefully write out my school assignments for years, patiently drawing Language Arts & Math papers, just as she had read to me night after night, since I was a baby… They both took every opportunity to give me history lessons & yes, I was one of those babies who had classical music playing in the background from my first weeks, to make me the smartest baby I could be…

People often say we are “born to do” this or that… I think some people are born to be things and some are made.  I think I’m both. I was born to; it has been in me all my life to write & I have never been able to fully express myself otherwise. I also think my parents made me a writer, if I had been born without a word on my pen, they would have helped me become someone who could write.

Excerpts from a paper – I Am A Writer  – Daniele Clark

Today I’m so thankful for parents that put their children first over and over in life decisions, even difficult one’s like letting their children travel – giving me and my siblings a life rich with experience & a rare education. Full to the brim with diverse people & places and a true example of walking in faith.

I’m especially thankful for a Mother who has been an example of love in action for as long as I can remember. You are a model of strength, courage, grace under all kinds of fire, humility, encouragement, resourcefulness, patience, mercy & a true servants heart. Thank you for who you are and all you do for your family, for me & all 7 of my siblings and so many, many people around us. I love you more than words will ever say.

Happy Mothers Day from the 5 girls & 3 boys you raised and all the other people you love and serve!


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