July… Without Cornerstone

Cornerstone Festival

If you are wondering what to do with this week in July, and thinking that no matter where you go there will be no replacement for Cornerstone…. Remember first, that one of the most important things about the festival was the people you spent that week with, the memories you made, the relationships built. I know that’s especially what Jesus Village was for me. Build on those relationships.
And if there’s a legacy this festival should leave in you, I would hope that it’s the desire to make a difference, and maybe in your own way create a Cornerstone for the people around you, a safe place, an accepting place, a diverse community that is built on the love of Christ.


One thought on “July… Without Cornerstone

  1. Welcome to Minnesota!!! Hope to get more of your bandanas!!! Warm weather just for the Clark Family!!!! 🙂

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