Keep Calm and Never forget to love

What We Remember – September 11th (Part 1)

I will catch you up on the in’s and out’s of what made my semi-weekly blog patterns result in barely monthly posts over the next few weeks… It was an amazing Summer that did it. For now let’s talk about today. September 11th. I don’t journal well enough to fill you in on most days over the last 12 years, but I clearly remember this morning 12 years ago. I will not dwell on the details or fallout all too vivid in most of our minds. If that’s why you’re reading, go back to your preferred news source; Facebook or Wikileaks. The only facts or sense I can give you about that day (or any day) is my personal experience with it.

There’s 4 things I know about this, make that 5.

  • I often hate change. (I tell myself this is a common human condition)
  • After that morning life would never be the same. (Hello, that’s change)
  • I had a blessed lot of assurance. Because when the first plane struck I was standing in a circle praying with a dear group of friends/pastors. When it came on the news and I told them, 2 stopped to call their wives and except for my trips back and forth to give updates from the news, we kept standing. There are moments in life when you should be very afraid, I was very aware and I’m sure there was some fear, somewhere behind the very solid feeling that when you have people standing with you believing God is still faithful, you are in a safe place, because it’s true.
  • I never wanted to go another day taking things for granted; people, time or the chance to change the world. Because it could all change in the blink of an eye, on a September morning when we least expect it.
  • I needed to learn how to say I love you, and show it even when I didn’t say it.

This brings me to my point or at least to the heart of my rant. Earlier today I wasn’t certain I could put into words what I felt this day should remind us of. Then lo and behold, a very smart girl* posted something that caught my eye amid the chaos that is Facebook. She said this important thing & it rang true.

“Today is the day to call someone you love and tell them that you do.”

Oh, she was right! My first instinct was to send a few important messages then follow it with a phone call or eight. Then I backed out, I told myself it didn’t have to actually be today, partly because I’m not good at saying these things and partly because… What? There’s always tomorrow? They don’t need to know? They already know? I have work to do? It’s not like they’re going to die before next week? I don’t do things like that? I’m not going to humiliate myself by not being tough and send a text in the middle of everyone’s work day saying I love you? I don’t always have to say things?** It doesn’t matter? What Daniele?

What is it that stops us? Because if there’s one thing the last few years, months*** and this day 12 years ago taught me, it’s that we cannot be sure of anything in this life except God, and He, my friends is beyond this life. So don’t pretend you’re always so self assured, don’t pretend you’re independently self sufficient. Nothing much is certain here. There’s life, death, people (obviously people, because life & death) & there’s God… And because of God, there’s love. I’m not gonna launch into a dating column or just tell you to hug your family & spouse today… Don’t stop reading now, this matters. Love & People are what matters.

So, here’s what’s important.  This is what this tragedy & loss teaches us, to value human life. That’s all I learned. That’s what I took away from Ground Zero. Life is short and uncertain, value it. Our countries worst enemy, is the fact that we don’t value human life.

To Be Continued…

Hey,  the very long, involved Part 2 will be up by tomorrow.   Love, Daniele

*Special thanks to Brooke the lovely “Smart Girl” who reminded me what we should remember.

**There are some thoughts I’ll be posting soon about Love Languages (not cheesy) that goes a little more in depth on the not actually saying I love you issue I apparently just told you I have.

***A few months ago my best friend’s Dad had an accident and lost his memory of the last 30 years of his life… I didn’t know when I said goodbye to him about a week earlier, he wouldn’t know me next time he saw me. Life can change completely overnight. You can read the story Here


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