Sunset - Lake Greenwood

As the old year turns new

As we step out into the great beyond of a new year, I’ve been looking at the last one. It’s a bittersweet review, Looking back over every month, there are the ever present mountains and valleys. I, along with many of you, have lost people I love this year, some to death, some to life. Either way, the ache goes on, love remains mingled with pain. I know in the core of my being that where God is there is hope, in spite of, loss, time and pain.

Some of us are stubborn, we learn these things slowly, sometimes we hear a still small voice, sometimes he uses people… One of the best people I know, spent years, teaching me what hope is, how it moves beyond all time and reason. How it goes thru and around darkness and doubt, it’s there on the other side and when you’re not sure if the other side is there.

Sometimes I reach places where I most would like to let go, I am not sure if I should hold onto hope when I see it fall away from those around me, but that may be what it takes for me to understand what hope is. When hope is gone, we realize what it meant to hope in the first place.
Hope beyond hope, and fear, and doubt, despair, heartbreak, darkness, defeat, obstacles, people, time, beyond every battle… Hope means believing in the beyond, in the despite, in the unsure and unseen. It means loving thru faults and challenges, hope is loyalty to life, and to something better than what you have right now in the lonely, frightening in between.

I’m not just going to wish you a happy new year. I’m going to wish that you have hope in the moment and the place you are in, hope for a better day and a better year. Hope in the unseen that is stronger than anything we can see or touch. Hope that each failure and fear can be transformed into a better tomorrow. Keep the faith, believe in what you cannot see, expect more of yourself & give more than you have to. Hope is worth holding onto, it’s what gives us the faith to believe and hold onto a love that is better than we imagine, better than we will ever be.
I wish & hope all the best for you in this new year!



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