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Faith #Findingthegood since 1999

Faith, in our family of eight is the 7th. She takes her role as the “almost youngest” and really wears it well.

Clark Girls 2013

From the time she was a baby she’s always been happy or at the very least trying to make others happy. She’s kind and funny but sensitive, always trying to bring the good. It’s a standing joke that’s still in good use as she turns 15 today that Faiths catch phrase is “it’s morning time” she used to wake everyone in the house up with that, (well everyone in the bus too) she would catch a glimpse of light and no matter what time it was… All smiles and joy she sweetly chanted “it’s morning time everybody get up!”.

baby Faith

Today our almost baby sister turns 15, I hope she doesn’t lose this joy no matter how much she learns about life’s up’s and downs. It’s not just that Faith’s happy, it’s the fact that even if she’s unhappy or uncomfortable she still wants the people around her to be alright, to be smiling. At Christmas every year we get a good reminder of who Faith is as she spends weeks quietly making gifts for everyone, we usually don’t know how she could have found the time to carefully sew or crochet, things that are perfect for each person. The time she puts in, is impressive to say the least and probably makes everyone of us, wish we were a little better at showing love.

Faith Christmas Giftys
If I could channel half the creativity she put’s into making good things and making things good for the people she loves, I would be content.

Faith & Michal on stage

On her birthday after I wish her the best of everything. I have a wish for myself… That I can learn to be more like Faith, I’m not sure that kind, hopeful, quiet or gentle will ever be my main traits, I am intense, high strung, (occasionally 😉) cynical and outspoken. But I want to learn from her how to find the good in things, from the time I wake up. So, the rest of this month I’ve made a sort of resolution….

I have a little 21 day plan I’m following it’s one of those ridiculous “how to fight depression” things I would usually never read but I was thinking this time of year… It can get hard, cold, dreary, kind of gray… I can’t be the only one who finds the long cold stretch of winter hard to pull my mind and heart out of… I don’t think it’s just the weather… I like the cold, it’s a welcome change of season for a girl born and raised on the Unchanging, snowless, warm winters of the Sunshine state. I can’t be the only one though who sometimes finds it hard to get thru this “after holiday” season. Fresh with the fading of good memories made or the lack thereof… It’s cold outside y’all. And for the sake of not sinking in the cold, dreary, monotonous darkness I’m going to force myself to find Faith’s “morning time” every day.

So here’s a start… For the next 21 days I’m going to try to find something good in every day. I’ll explain my reasons a bit more in my next blog. For now I’ll start this day with this good in my life — Today the good in my life is my sister Faith & her vibrant, beautiful, loving, creative, happy personality!

If you want to follow me as I work through this month. There are these hashtags… #Beatdepression #findthegood I am on Twitter and Instagram as @DanieleClark


One thought on “Faith #Findingthegood since 1999

  1. Thank you Daniele for the wonderful way that you shared Faith with us. You also are a woman of many talents and insights. Love you

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