Twelve, A Love Story (preview of a brand new song)

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 2.50.04 PMWhether you had a happy Valentines day or not, I hope you know you’re loved. In celebration of love here’s my gift to you, a little preview of one of my new favorite songs and a handful of truths about love… In all it’s trembling honesty.
All kinds of love,

Here’s the link to the first squeaky debut of one of my still new (baby)0 songs

Twelve – Daniele Clark – YouTube

Baby she left you
Almost twelve months ago
You have the same dream
I have that nightmare
That she would come back
That she won’t come back
She won’t come back
She won’t come back again

Darling I lost you
Almost twelve days ago
We only want things
Until we have them
Once we’ve lost them
That’s when we know ourselves
If I have lost you
I will lose and lose again

He got her number
Almost twelve hours ago
And she thinks he’ll be there
When she wakes up
We are so scared of being left alone
If you can’t be strong then don’t use her
If you won’t stay long
Then don’t play with love again

My brother fell in love
Almost twelve weeks ago
The day he said so his past came calling
With such a strong hold
Almost four years worth
But he will get stronger
He will learn to love again

Weddings don’t last long
Almost twelve minutes this time
There aren’t strong enough words
Or music to still the blows
Your heart will fight back
As long as it’s beating
Your heart may break in your arms
While you’re dancing
But you can’t stop love
Once you’ve let it walk away

I met my first love
Almost twelve years ago
He made a promise
That love would break me
I am not bitter, I am still grieving
Love can harm you
And I may hurt you
But love can heal you
Love will heal you again


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