Will you be my (Facebook) Valentine?

Late last night I opened up the barrage of ridiculousness that is Facebook on Valentines Day.

This just in – everyone is either single or not single & they are feeling like Facebook needs their up to the minute help to keep running during the challenging love drought that’s apparently in session this week.

It’s a mess out there today folks… Melting Chocolate, proposals, dashed hopes, broken flower stems, new haircuts and underwear, inspirational quotes, unnecessary updates from girlfriends/boyfriends past, wedding photos revisited, love meme’s, singles parties, broken hearts, stolen dreams…

I’m not going to say I’m any holier than thou, I will probably post my share of love themed input in this next 24 hours. But I hope you forgive me if I stray from the theme of singles versus couples, and into the field of love that I hope you know is a much more varied stream of mountains and valleys than this shallow red and pink candy everyone’s throwing into the uncaring & often painful void of social media.


Despite my seemingly cynical commentary… Girls and boys, looking for love or thinking love is lost, I still wish you a Happy Valentines Day.
I hope this day makes perfect love more real to you. Love should be celebrated without being cheapened, it’s sacred and it’s in the commonplace, it’s our beginning and our end, it’s our hope to go on and with it the greatest joy and greatest pain can walk hand in hand. Celebrate love, cultivate, try to further understand it, do not cheapen or defile it… I hope while the masses are publicly wading through what love means or doesn’t mean to them, they don’t further tamper with your love life. I don’t know, if you’ve lived long enough you may know that love lost can be as true a story as any love found.


Today I’m going to revisit a few of the truest things I’ve learned about love, I guess my above rant was just to preface my love notes by saying I’m not a sell out, I don’t want to commercialize love. But hey “singles awareness day” is as good a time as any to talk about love lost, and “completely happy, fulfilled, over the moon, highly pressurized, over verbalized proof that you’re in love day” is a good time to talk about what love really is in all it’s forms. We’re all lookin’ for love. In a way, Love is all you need.


Stay tuned today, I’ll be posting my love life all over social media… Links to follow ❤️


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