The Clark Family

She gave me the whole world

My Mother sacrificed her life for me, and for that I am grateful everyday. Don’t just take today to honor the woman who allowed her body, her time and often her future to be dramatically altered to accommodate you, to carry you. To make sure you had the best she could give.

My Mother is the nearest thing to true love I have seen. Her days, her emotion, her strength is all given and given again into each of her children, and then again to serve other Mothers children. If your Mother was not there to raise you, honor the women who stepped in to Mother you.

If I can learn pieces of the grace she has, the love, the unending servants heart, the strength… If I can learn the patience and tenacity, if I can learn even a shadow of the fruit of the spirit that she knows, I will be happy, and I know that’s the way to make her proud of me.


All these other loves you’ve seen can be temperamental and changeable, a Mothers love runs deep and strong into sacrifice and the expanse of what unconditional means. Thank you for showing me a story of Christ from before you brought me into the world.

My sweet Mama asked for this song today, what a coincidence that it’s mostly about the Unconditional Love she understands so well. As usual, this ones for you, it wouldn’t be here without you!

Thank you for bringing me, for giving me, for loving me. Thank you for my siblings, life and who you are. Endlessly creative, beautifully strong, amazingly resourceful, perfectly giving but also very sure of what you don’t like, what you want and exactly who you are.  I love you Mommy!


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