Fifty Shades of Pain

Dear Girls, Women of all ages,

As much as I don’t want to stir controversy among people I love I also don’t want to hear story after tragic story of women being objectified, abused, raped, destroyed sometimes beyond repair… and believing that they should take it, in the name of love.

The movie trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey, along with the trilogy of books it’s based on, is nothing short of a media phenomenon. The trilogy, which is among the fastest-selling books of all time, has been celebrated by the media as “porn for women” and a playful fantasy that encourages women to become more daring in their sexuality.

Missing from this hype, of course, is a detailed discussion of how the books eroticize violence against women and render invisible the predatory tactics the “hero” uses to groom, seduce, and abuse a much younger woman. – Gail Dines

Please read the rest of this article where a psychologist has articulated much better than I something we should pause, listen to & consider… Whether you’re watching this movie, or reading the books, please read this, you don’t have to agree or boycott the movie, you’re grown adults, but please think through the truth about the movie many women will flock to this weekend.

Please Read : Don’t let Fifty Shades Of Grey Ruin Your Valentines Weekend

Fifty shades 1

I have a mixed friend group, many who actively fight for equality and women’s rights and some who believe differently. While some might call me a feminist, I don’t need a label to have strong opinions, but I do believe in standing up for justice, and I hate to see women put under. I will always speak up when I feel a woman is abused, belittled or treated as less-than. Or as our culture continues to shift and romanticize abuse until it’s mistaken for love.

But even if you aren’t feminists, maybe some of you are Christians, and you too should be people who believe in women’s rights…
We are human too, not subhuman, not at the mercy of men in a mans world… A world where we allow through and condone for the sake of entertainment many of the things that if they continue will destroy the lives of not only our teenagers but also our little girls someday. The sad thing is, the Fifty Shades trend isn’t being forced on us by men, women made this wildly popular, and it’s women that will be hurt by it. Don’t be a part of supporting or promoting even in a small way something that is so decidedly not only anti-feminist but anti-woman.


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